Chasing Shadows – Update 13

So when I mentioned in my last update I hoped to have more news to share with you soon, it would seem I was right! I think updates may come a little more thick and fast for a little while. This one is a short one, but a big one. My talented editor Jen at Fuzzy Flamingo started reading the book in earnest last Monday. Yesterday I received my manuscript back, fully copy edited.

I won’t lie, I was beyond nervous to find out what a professional eye thought of my book. Well I can safely say I am now on cloud nine! Aside from some grammatical, spelling and style issues, there were only two minor plot inconsistencies. Both were rectified easily on my part. And I am thrilled to say that as of today, I’ve returned the finished manuscript ready for typesetting! It feels like publication is moving ever closer, and I will be sure to continue providing updates here, however brief to keep you all posted. Exciting times are ahead!

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