Chasing Shadows – Update 12

 Wow, how is it almost the middle of February already? We are well in to the new year and another national lockdown here in the UK, so not a lot of change in circumstances here for me. But what has changed is the status of Chasing Shadows! So without further ado, I think it’s time for a new update.

So first up, book news! Chasing Shadows has been in the hands of two fantastic test readers whose feedback has been priceless. Between them, it helped me developed my final, fourth draft. My fourth draft is in the hands of my editor/formatter/designer and as of the beginning of this week, copy edits are underway. Yesterday I received word that hopefully later this week I will have the first round of copy edits. And rather unexpectedly, I also received two first drafts of possible book covers. It already feels like she has really grasped the story and the character of Edison Crow. I hope to be able to share the final design with you in the near future!

Chasing Shadows aside, there have been other developments for me in my pursuit to become a published author. One small change is the URL for this site. I’ve taken the leap and purchased a personalised domain name. In case you have the site saved in your bookmarks, you may need to update it. The new address is

I’ve also joined the Alliance of Independant Authors (ALLi). I’ve taken the process of writing and honing my book seriously, and this felt a real step in the direction of professionalism. They offer all manner of support and a range of service to aid independant authors. It felt like the right move to take out a membership with this organisation.

 And last but not least, a little bit of news on publishing. I decided that I wanted to ensure I retained control over my works, while not publishing under my own name. So I came up with a publishing imprint of my own. Under this mark I will release any and all books I write. I’ve named this mark As the Crow Flies Publishing.

With work progressing at a respectable pace now, I hope to have more updates to share with you in the near future!

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