Hi! Hello! Yes, you, over there! Yep, you – hi there! I’m Steven, or Steve, whichever! Unless you’re family or a friend, I suspect the vast majority of you have no idea who I am. So you’ve come to the right page to find out more!

I live in Bedfordshire, in a small town just under an hour train ride north of London. I have a passion for books. I own and run a book blog called Books and Beyond Reviews. Stop on over there and take a look! I review books there, as well as the occasional author Q and A, guest post, cover reveal and my weekly feature, Friday Face-Off. So in case you hadn’t worked it out, I am an avid reader.

Aside from books, I am a lover of music, films, a range of sports (mostly from the sofa) and video games. I have an interest in all things historic, from ancient to modern.

Having spent a lot of time reading and writing my blog, the next obvious step for me was to write fiction of my own, rather than always commenting on the works of others. My first book is Chasing Shadows, a steampunk adventure following roguish airship captain Edison Crow and his childhood friend Selah as the battle through a life of petty crime to tackle a threat to their very safety and that of their crew.

Book two is already underway. As the Crow Flies will be book two in the Edison Crow Adventures!

In the meantime, head over to the Short Stories section of the site to read my shorter pieces of fiction.

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