Chasing Shadows – Update 14

Time for another update on progress as we round the corner onto the home straight now. Two big things have happened lately. If you’ve been following my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages you’ll see I have been sharing out little teasers of the book cover. Yes, that’s right – the book cover design is fully signed-off now, and I couldn’t be happier. I honestly think it looks amazing, and really fits with the book!

Last night I received the fully typeset proofs – the document that gives me the best idea of how the interior of my book will actually look once printed. I love the styling and the little touches that just help tie the format to the cover to the story – it’s brilliant to have that run all the way through! I gave my sign-off on that and now it’s on to the final stages. Next up, the book will go through a final proofread to ensure no little errors are hiding anywhere. After that, it’s on to spine and back cover design. To think when I started writing that I might release it as an eBook was a fantasy, but knowing that a spine and back cover are being designed is something else. I look forward to holding a printed copy of my book soon!

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