Chasing Shadows – Update 11

It’s mid-July and time for another little update! If you’ve been following my journey with Chasing Shadows, you’ll know in my last few updates I have been toying with whether it was going to be a book in two parts, or two separate books. Well since I last wrote here, I’ve made a decision. A big decision for me.

Drum roll please!! There will be two books! But that means a lot of work still to do. Chasing Shadows is now in the hands of a friend and fellow author who is acting as a test reader. His advice is helping me cut unnecessary text out of the book, tighten up bits that aren’t quite right and picking up silly spelling and grammar errors.

After that, I’ll be looking to get it into the hands of a few more test readers who can hopefully give me some more useful feedback. I’ll be editing based on this feedback to try and make it as good a manuscript as I can. Then there will be finalising the cover design to ensure it works for eBook and paperback ready to get it up and available for sale! It’s all go, and some really exciting times for me. Especially when I consider how disastrously my first attempt at writing a novel went.

With all of this going on, I am still writing little by little on what is now book two. And book two has a title already! I am happy to reveal that the second installment in the adventures of Edison Crow and Selah will be called As the Crow Flies!



5 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows – Update 11

    1. I’ll be looking for further test readers once I’ve given it a first pass light edit, so will let you know! 🙂


    1. Hi Stuart. Thanks for the support! It’s been a hell of a journey, from when I started the book in November last year! It now feels like it is coming together, and getting it read is definitely easing some of the nerves about its quality.


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