As the Crow Flies – Update 1

It’s only been a few days since I last updated here on progress with my book, which you can read here. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes now to get it ready to publish. This update is a lot shorter, but I wanted to follow on from my previous announcement of the title of book two.

As the Crow Flies will continue the adventures of our two leads – Captain Edison Crow and Selah, along with their trusty crew. I am around five chapters in, and over the 13,000 word mark. I think it is going to be a bit shorter than Chasing Shadows. In large part, this will be down to the way book one works – it tells a lot of the back story of Crow and Selah, how they came to be. That won’t feature in As the Crow Flies. I have a reasonable idea where the story is going and am still keen to see where my ideas for a third adventure will lead!

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