Chasing Shadows – Update 8

Since my last update things have certainly changed! We are all exploring a new normal in one way or another. I’m working on trying to maintain my own versions of normal with reading, blogging and of course, my writing. I am one of the lucky ones – though under lockdown I am at home with my wife, cat and hamsters, so I am anything but alone. Work has really pushed on with Chasing Shadows in this time as well.

In my last update I was lamenting not being ready to announce that I’d reached the end of Chasing Shadows Part 1. This time out I do have some news to share. I am on what I think would be the last chapter of what I saw as being part 1. That said, I am now unsure whether this will be a book of two parts, one long book, or even two books in their own right.

Why the change of plans? Well that’s where the biggest bit of news comes in. As I sit writing this little update on Sunday evening sat enjoying Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the wordcount has grown since I last updated. It is now sat at 73,814 words.

And also since I last wrote something here, the plot has evolved somewhat in my mind. When I started out on this project, I had a loose idea of the story, elements that would form key plot lines, and events and so on. What I hadn’t done was planned the whole thing out. This worked best for me – it has meant I can just let the story evolve freely as I go along. Lately what I thought was going to be part 2, a part of the story shorter than the first, has grown and evolved again. I think it could become a much bigger part of the story, and who knows, maybe a book 2.

For the time being, I plan to continue writing until the story dries up. When that happens, well then I will make a decision somewhere about the format. Right now though, I am really enjoying seeing what happens with the book, where the story goes, and will write it to its conclusion.

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