Chasing Shadows – Update 7

I’d hoped my next update would be delivering news of a major milestone being ticked off. I’ve been about two or three chapters from the end of Part 1 of Chasing Shadows for the last couple of weeks. The problem is a simple one – the way this story is progressing and I the way I am writing it, I am very much a passenger being carried along for the ride. A new idea comes to me and suddenly there goes another chapter. I know the end of Part 1 is close, but I’ve come to accept that I have no clue how many chapters it will take. I am as clueless as anyone else at this point! But that’s what I love about this process.

It has been one massive learning curve for me. Many people have told me that a book needs to be meticulousy planned out from start to finish, characters, plot lines, the works. Other people have said their method is to fly by the seat of their pants. That seems to be the approach I am adopting. I started planning, but the itch to write became too great. I’ve loved seeing where the story is going and how one idea sparks another and another. It has been so much fun.

For context, my first effort at writing a story, novel, book, whatever you want to call it, ended disappointingly. Two years of work saw me research things to get the facts correct, research details to make the characters accurate, get the places correct. It felt like a chore, and I wasn’t enjoying it. In the two year period, my main character completely changed and the story was rewritten from the ground up. I achieved a final total of around eight thousand words or so by the end of that two year period before it was left to gather dust.

So where are things as we speak? Granted, this update doesn’t bring the news I had hoped – that Part 1 is done and I was on to Part 2. But I have actually hit a milestone of sorts over this weekend. I’ve managed to keep my goal of writing every day since I started Chasing Shadows in November. That in itself is a huge achievement for me, something I found impossible in my first attempt. But the real news that has me ecstatic right now is that the word count has now surpassed 50,000! As of today, it is in fact stood at 50,278. I know this is not the largest wordcount in the world, but for me this is a massive stage to have reached. And with Part 2 yet to come, I suspect the count will reach onwards to 70,000 and beyond. Here’s hoping the story continues to flow as freely as it is currently!

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