Chasing Shadows – Update 4

I’ve been a little bit quiet for the last fortnight or so on the updates front. With all the wonders of the festive season in full swing things have been pretty busy, and with dinners and parties coming up this week things are only ever going to get busier for me. So what have I been up to in the two weeks since NaNoWriMo 2019 came to a close?

Writing. Writing. Writing. The habits I built up during NaNo for writing something every day, no matter how little or how much has stuck in a way I had hoped for. More often than not it’s the odd hundred words here or there, but I’ve maintained the daily habit. For the end of this weekend I was aiming for 21,000 words total. This was in no way a set goal, just a nice to have for my own satisfaction.

Well as of today, Sunday 15th, I’ve completed 23,096 words in all. It may not sound a lot, and probably isn’t compared to the best selling authors who can write all day every day, but since the beginning of November I couldn’t be happier with this achievement. I have no idea when the Chasing Shadows will be finished and what its final word count but I will keep pushing forward. So what have I been working on recently? Well I am currently adding in a chapter to add some history to the almost dictatorial ruling power, the High Commission. The end stages of my story will involve a head to head with the High Commission and the devious leader Mordecai Anvil. It’s turning in to a fairly long chapter, and I am absolutely loving the process of being able to create and craft a power structure and history entirely from the ground up!

That’s all for this update, hopefully I will have one more update next weekend just ahead of Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows – Update 4

    1. Thanks Richard. I am really enjoying the process, especially these chapters where I can really fabricate the story and the world and the history. That is so much fun.

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