Open Book Blog Hop – Whatever Takes Your Fancy

Welcome back to another Open Book Blog Hop!

Today’s topic is: What is your favourite genre to read/watch (movies/TV)? Any book recommendations?

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I am going to stick to books for this, that alone will be hard enough an answer I think. Why must I have one favourite? It’s so tough to choose! I love a good crime novel. It doesn’t have to be a whodunit. I’ve read some blinders where you actually know the identity of the criminal from the start. But if the story is well-crafted, the crimes depraved enough, and there are plenty of twists and turns, the who becomes much less important.

Then you’ve got fantasy. I enjoyed the Harry Potter series and loved the Discworld novels. Something that can transport you to a world of myth and magic is something I love. Wonderful creatures, outlandish escapades and epic scenery to boggle the mind add up for entertaining reads.

Thrillers, particularly of the psychological kind are another favourite. Something that delves into the darker half of humanity and really gets inside the depraved mind of a twisted individual is fascinating. It can be quite telling when thinking about what makes someone tick, or worse, how they use this to torment others.

Science fiction is something I love in films, but I’ve not read too much of it, so perhaps I need to branch out into that world. Dystopian novels draw me in. A world, not too dissimilar from our own, thrown into turmoil by war, by avarice and greed or by political dictatorship forces the reader to look long and hard at the paths we are on and where the world is heading.

But if you really pushed me to pick, I’d lean into horror as a favourite. I love a good scare. It doesn’t necessarily have to be beasts and monsters though. The horrors within can be scary enough if done well. If I was to recommend an author for horror, there truly is only one name – Stephen King. From IT to From a Buick 8, ‘Salem’s Lot to Pet Semetary, King is the master. But if you want a nomination for a book to read, I’m not going to offer up the scary or the macabre. I will put forth three options, none of which fit the horror bill. First up is the Stand, a mammoth dystopian story of good and evil in a post-pandemic world. Then there is The Green Mile. Beautiful and heart-wrenching at once. It’s a tale of pain and tragedy, and I love it. The film by Frank Darabont is amazing too, a brilliant adaptation with stellar performances from Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan. The final offering is not a book, but more a Magnum Opus of books creating a fantastic blend of wild west and sci-fi all in one. The Dark Tower series is a massive undertaking for any reader spanning seven books and a spin-off. I could not recommend it more highly.

As for the film? Give it a wide berth. It doesn’t even begin to do justice to the wonderful books. And if you are as much of a Stephen King fan as I am, I recommend The Kingcast podcast which discusses the books films and TV shows of the great man himself.

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