Open Book Blog Hop – Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Welcome back to another Open Book Blog Hop!

Today’s topic is: “Let’s face it, books are judged by their covers.” —Whitney Hill

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As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. I guess that works wonders when it comes to people. After all, we shouldn’t really judge based on appearances alone. There is far more to a person than mere appearances. But what about books?

I think the cover is probably the most important aspect of a book. As both a writer and a reader I firmly believe this. I know some of you might argue that the actual content of the book is the most important bit. After all, if the actual book is rubbish, what does it matter if the covers are amazing? Some of you might say the blurb is the most important element. How are you supposed to know if the book might interest you without a potted version of the story to whet your appetite?

Both are valid points of view. But they are also wrong. It’s the cover that I see first. A good cover (front, back and spine) will catch my eye on the shelves of books in a shop. It’s a good cover that stands out in a crowded online marketplace. If I am not already aware of the author or book, something needs to engage me. And it’s the cover, every time. Some of my earlier book-buying memories are the paperbacks of Stephen King. And it was their covers that drew me in. Yes, the blurb comes second and finally, the content. But if the cover doesn’t hook my attention first, it’s not overly likely I will even pick the book up.

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