Open Book Blog Hop – Mark Your Place

Welcome back to another Open Book Blog Hop!

Today’s question is: Do you dog-ear books or use a bookmark? Do you ever make notes in your books?

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This one always sparks controversy. Should you only ever mark your place with a bookmark? Can other items be used in place of a bookmark? Is it ever okay to just fold the corner over to mark your place? And what about making notes or highlighting passages?

Obviously, these age-old debates are less of a thing with ebooks now. I know on my Kindle/Kindle app I can highlight passages and share these easily with other readers. You can even add notes digitally. I can “dog ear” a page digitally to come back to. No bookmark? No problem. The device will save your spot and sync it across all platforms and devices when it next connects to the internet. All this in a super-thin device. Let me tell you, this is a gift! I remember carting the uncut version of Stephen King’s The Stand to and from work to read on lunch pre-Kindle. That was a workout lugging a 1,153-page tome everywhere! Pretty sure it was thick enough to stop a 747!

But would any of these things be acceptable to do to an actual, paper-and-ink book? I’ve seen some people become apoplectic with rage over this one on social media. Capital punishment should be reserved for those who dare dog-ear a book! To annotate or highlight a book, though? There aren’t enough circles of hell for such a heinous act, or so you might be forgiven for thinking. Using a bookmark is the only acceptable approach, apparently. Maybe a piece of junk mail or an empty crisp packet at a stretch, if you don’t mind the crumbs.

Personally, I have no problem with any of these acts, on the assumption the reader owns the book. Never have a bookmark to hand when you are reading? Use whatever you have to hand that works. Always losing your bookmark of choice? Dog ear that page. Who is it hurting? Nobody. Just like I could not care any less how you read (print, ebook or audiobook), I really don’t care what you do to your own books. If you are someone who likes to highlight passages that resonate with you or make notes in the margins, headers or footers, go right ahead.

If it’s your book, whether by purchase or gifting, do as you please. Reading is something we all enjoy differently. Just as I would never dream of telling you the format in which you should read, I’d never preach etiquette to you on how to read either. Do it to a book someone lends you, though, and punishments shall be swift and severe.

5 thoughts on “Open Book Blog Hop – Mark Your Place

  1. Almost as bad as not getting a borrowed book returned. My wife once sent me to search her friend’s house (while pretending to use the bathroom) for a book we knew she had but claimed not to have. It was the end of a beautiful friendship.

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    1. That’s pretty bad as well. Nothing so bad as lending something only to not get it back. It’s why I never lend stuff out now.


    1. I am not sure I would, unless it was a non-fiction/text book that I owned. But that is at a stretch. Equally though, I think, what people do is their business.

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