Open Book Blog Hop – The First Cut is the Deepest

Welcome back to another Open Book Blog Hop!

Today’s question is: What’s the worst wound (emotional or physical) one of your characters has ever had to deal with? How did you react to writing the scene?

And remember to pay a visit to my fellow writers to see what they have come up with. You can find their works here!

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I’ve been thinking about this one all weekend. My immediate gut reaction was that I wouldn’t really have anything to offer on this subject. I only have one book to my name thus far, and as yet I haven’t really put my main characters through any significant or lasting trauma – either emotional or physical. That doesn’t mean to say that I won’t, but I certainly haven’t yet.

But then something started niggling at the back of my mind. A memory of one of the short stories I wrote back in 2020 as part of a daily short story challenge posed by an independent publisher. They set themes either based on words or a collage of images. One of these stories came to me from the word ‘Harrowing’.

It follows struggling author Micah Andrews who is suffering a severe case of insomnia. It’s so bad it interferes with his ability to focus and write anything. A visit to his doctor sees him prescribed a drug that would certainly help him sleep, but with a potential side effect – dreams or hallucinations so vivid that they would feel real.

The sleep comes, but the dreams are horrific. Snatches of visions, troubling and terrifying, that grew more vivid with time. But the worst thing – waking up with bloodied hands with no obvious signs of injury. Things escalate as he continues to medicate until a particularly troubling dream leads to an even more troubling discovery. It’s a short story that I plan to expand on in time, but I loved the ending as I wrote it.

I am less a planner with my writing, mostly I’m along the ride. As I wrote bits of this story I could feel my pulse spiking. The ending actually had me a little breathless. But a twisted part of me thoroughly enjoyed writing this. I have some ideas on how I might expand it in the near future.

If you fancy giving the story in question a read, you can find it here. Let me know what you think of it, and be sure to give some of my other short stories a read – there are a few more dark ones that I want to explore deeper in time.

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