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Welcome back to another Open Book Blog Hop!

This week’s topic is one that really interests me: are audiobooks the future of book sales?

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I’ve been reading since my childhood. I remember the feeling of picking up a book and turning page after page, falling ever deeper into wonderous worlds filled with mesmerising characters. But I am by no means set in my ways. You won’t find me dying on my hill as I proclaim it’s print books or nothing! I am on my third Kindle now, and would dismember anone who dares to try and remove it from me.

I remember a good few years back everyone was talking about eBooks – were they to be the death knell of paper and ink books? Was this the end of the bookshop? Were libraries soon to be consigned to the history books? Pardon the pun. I think even for a short period I believed it may just be the case. But the more I used my Kindle ALONGSIDE print books, the more I realised how untrue those views would become. Don’t get me wrong, my “author’s cut” of The Stand by Stephen King weighs in at well over 12 or 1300 pages. It was a cumbersome tome to lug to and fro to work with me. On my Kindle it became easy. Not having to take a small library on holiday is another bonus. And the ability to access books on my smartphone from anywhere in the world is quite frankly magic. It must be. But sitting at home, or in a local coffee shop, rain pummelling the glass with a print book in my hands is a joy I will never loose. Especially around Christmas, the inclement British weather outside, the cosy twinkling lights inside. I guess I’d subscribe to the Danish idea of Hygge in that sense.

Audiobooks, like eBooks have their place. I know many people who cover many miles behind the wheel of their car for work. That’s alot of time spent inside the car. In that capacity audiobooks provide an alternative to music and podcasts. People listen to books at the gym. And I cannot begin to fathom just how wonderful audiobooks would be for those who live with dyslexia or similar conditions. They would even be of benefit to those who struggle to hold a book in their hands. It provides the opportunity to immerse in the world of a book for those who struggle to read a physical book.

But are they the future of book sales? The be all and end all? No. I don’t think so. Digital options, the earlier eBooks didn’t consign the printed book to history. In fact, according to some reports, print book sales surged during the pandemic we as a world are still working through. But will the complement sales of print books? I believe they really will. Ultimately HOW we read is not of any importance, not matter what anyone says. The fact that we embrace and enjoy books, now that’s what is really important.

8 thoughts on “Open Book Blog Hop – Now Hear This!

  1. It’s the same with music, remember how cassettes were going to kill vinyl, CD’s and mp3’s the same. Music’s still here. Books will be too. As long as people want a story, there can be a multitude of ways to get it to them, all equally valid.

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    1. Exactly that! I love the idea of vinyl, but I have no space for them or the player. At least with music in my phone, I can use it at home, in the car, anywhere. All options are valid.

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  2. After half a lifetime of listening to artifact in music, akin to sand in breakfast, I sat in a studio and listened to large format digital. I was ecstatic.
    As for content, tech is only the messenger. Shit encased in MP3 or 192k or dead dinosaurs is still… Content should be our biggest concern, not the delivery mechanism(s).

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  3. I’m half-deaf in one ear, so I don’t get the full-benefits of stereo. But I still own the vinyl I accumulated as a 20-something, with no plans to get rid of it.

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  4. Hi Steve, I enjoyed your post. I also have that same copy of Mr King’s The Stand. I have it as a paperback and on my kindle. I love my kindle and would also fight anyone who tried to take it. I listen to audiobooks and I also read.

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