A Warm Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my site! Some of you will know me from my book blog – Books and Beyond Reviews. If you’ve seen my work over there, you will be used to how often I post there – at least once a week!

Things will be pretty different here-and by different I mean more sporadic. Why? Well simply put-the purpose of this site is very different. You may or may not know that I have embarked on a journey; the journey of writing.

I have no plans on becoming the next Stephen King or anything of that nature, but with ideas in my head, I feel it only fair to myself to give it a shot! To that end, I have a story/novel/novella/whatever on the go centred around the lore of Jack The Ripper. It’s a blend of historical fact and my creative license to write a fascinating (I hope!) story, with a working title of Our Boy Jack.

The second piece is a short story. I won’t give too much away right now as this one is still formulating in my head, but I will post the short, once complete, here on this site. In the mean time, I will update with posts here about my progress, and any future works as and when they happen!


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