Lights, cameras, action!

I thought for this post I’d mix things up a little bit and rather than talking books, I’d talk films. Well, hypothetical films anyway. A couple of recent conversations got me thinking. It started out discussing how I visulise my characters. From there, it moved on to whether I saw certain actors playing specific characters in Chasing Shadows. In all honesty, I hadn’t, beyond perhaps Edison Crow. So it got me thinking, who would I cast in the movie of my book in some of the leading roles? So without further ado, here is my casting sheet for Chasing Shadows!

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So lets start with the leading man, Edison Crow. He’s a rogue. A charismatic rogue. He’s out to improve his lot in life. He has big ideas and big dreams, but there’s a dark place inside. Crow cares for his crew, to him they are like family. I think I see Crow as a bit of a blend of three characters – some kind of mix of Han Solo, Captain Mal Reynolds and Billy Butcher. There’s definitely elements of each of them in Crow.

Then we move on to Selah. I always had a more firm picture in my head of Selah. Not so much a literal picture as much as an image in my head of her characteristics and traits. She is a moodier character than Crow. More rational, analytical and cautious. She is capable and loyal, but will definitely stand up for her own thoughts. I flashed back to Katrina Law’s portrayal of Nyssa al Ghul in the TV series Arrow. I feel that performance would almost perfectly reflect the vision I have of Selah in my mind.

Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul in Arrow

Next up, a man critical to the running of Arcos. Someone so familiar with its inner workings that he is indispensable, Reuben. Another stalwart of Crow’s crew, Reuben is once again loyal and reliable. But when needed he has no problem stepping up and assuming a fatherly role, prepared to clip Edison about the ear and give him a dressing down when required. My pick to play Reuben is the fantastic Rory McCann. I feel like he has the quiet manner, but can be explosive when needed.

Rory McCann

Commissioner Mordecai Anvil is a touger cast. He’s a side character, but there are flash backs that refer to him. He’s a charismatic individual and a gifted orator capable of whipping up a crowd into a frenzy of political fervour. Tall and lean, he is a distinctive figure. This was another character that spawned a couple of possible acts. The first is John Hurt in his role as Adam Susan in the dystopian flick V for Vendetta. The other option is the iconic Peter Cushing. His turn as the imposing Grand Moff Tarkin in the Star Wars franchise fits the bill brilliantly.

Next up the roguish Maxwell Gladstone. He’s a crook through and through. Nothing he says can be entirely trusted. Gladstone has built an entire empire of sorts through illicit pursuits and ill-gotten gains. He commands an army of villains and has managed to survive a cutthroat life as a criminal. A pair of actors once again came to my mind as good fits for the role – Ian McShane and Keith David.

The last character I considered casting is Atticus Rigby, a man with huge ambitions withing the High Commission. He aspires to succeed the Commissioner in the future and lead the party in his own vision. He has delusions of grandeur and is highly unstable. For me, the actor needs to be someone that can carry off being both composed and unhinged at the flip of a switch. For this character, Sam Rockwell seemed an incredible fit for the role.

Sam Rockwell

So there you have it, my casting picks for some of the characters in Chasing Shadows! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Could you see these actors playing my characters, or who would you pick? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Lights, cameras, action!

  1. A great selection, having read the book I can understand your choices. Firefly is a personal favourite and I have to admit that it was an inspiration for some of my characters. But I’ve never really thought who might play them.


  2. Maybe a tiny bit of Tom Hardy in Crow, Donald Sutherland in my mind as Mordecai but I think you choice on all the others is spot on lol


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