Time Flies

I’ve been a lot quieter on here than I planned or hoped to be lately, but things have been pretty crazy of late. Some of you may have heard my little book Chasing Shadows released to the world on the 1st of April. I could not be happier to see it out in the world and finding its way to the bookshelves and Kinles of readers all over. Some of you might have even seen the news that Chasing Shadows on its release day took the crown and became an Amazon Best Seller! So what next for my book baby? World Domination.

Okay, that’s a bit over the top but I do want to help it succeed and to do that I need to maintain momentum. To do that I need to rapidly learn all I can about the dark arts of marketing. How to keep interest there, how to ensure my book remains visible to shoppers and how to retain the interest of you lovely people who have been following my journey to becoming a published author. If you happened to purchase a copy, you can help me with some of this! Reviews help make a book more visible in natural search terms. The more reviews, the more something will be seen. Seems simple, right? Unfortunately too few people review books. A review doesn’t have to be War and Peace, an immense missive analysing every plot device, character trait or location. If all you can manage is a rating, clicking those little stars on Amazon or Goodreads, that is a help! If you can though, adding a few lines about why you enjoyed the books helps immeasurably – it gives the review credibility and shows potential buyers what it is that people like about it, and why they may like it. I’d be over the moon if any of you could head to Amazon or Goodreads and leave me a little review, even just a few lines, to help it thrive!

Chasing Shadows

In other publishing news, my short story Coming Home featured in a collection of short works entitled Connections. Released on the 23rd of April on Kindle and on the 27th in paperback, Connections represented me becoming a published author for the second time in a month! And even more incredibly, this book also found its way to becoming an Amazon Best Seller, too! You can find Connections on Amazon.

So aside from working out the marketing side (spoiler alert – it’s still a mystery to me) what else have I been working on? Well I’ve been rereading my progress to date with As The Crow Flies to try and refresh my memory on where I got to with it late last year. I have taken a lot of what I have learnt in editing Chasing Shadows to tighten up what I already have for book two. I am also working on a short story. It is a direct follow on to the first chapter of Chasing Shadows. I think it will work well enough on its own, but will also add to the back story of Crow and Selah for those who have read the book. It ties in with one of my other activities too. I am looking to build a mailing list so I can keep people up to date with what I am doing and how my work is progressing. This short story will in all likelihood be offered as a free gift of sorts to everyone who signs up. I’ll have more news on the mailing list in time. Hopefully I will manage to make my next update a little less of a wait!

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