Open Book Blog Hop – What’s In a Name?

Welcome back to another Open Book Blog Hop!

Today’s topic is: How do you come up with the names for your characters?

And remember to pay a visit to my fellow writers to see what they have come up with. You can find their works here!

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This one is an interesting topic. And it’s not one that has a simple answer as such. Edison Crow, his name came to me. Although he wasn’t always going to be named that. I didn’t have a first name lined up, but he was going to be Archer. I had a whole narrative thread in mind that was going to play to that name, theatrics and all. That is until different story ideas, stronger story ideas came to me, the name Edison Crow hot on its heels. I am not too sure where from or why other than perhaps inspiration from the combination of Thomas Edison and the fact that I am quite fond of crows.

Other names such as Selah, Hester, Booker and Abel were the result of google searches. Searches for steampunk sounding names, or Victorian names. In the case of some characters, I’d find separate names and combine them to make something I liked the sound of. Then there are characters like Rohgar, the original captain of Arcos. His name came to me through a bit of if this then that. He struck me as something of a pirate. Roguish, brash and confident. Some of the greatest seafarers in history were the Vikings. As a result, I came to the Scandi/Nordic inspired Rohgar.

Other names cropped up from all manner of other inspirations. They may have been something I read, something I heard or saw in a film or game. In short, the names could and did come from just about any and everywhere. And to this day they continue to strike me without warning and have to be jotted down in case they make a showing in one of my books!

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