Where Have You Been?

Well hello there! I have once again left you all waiting with bated breath for my next update. Well, wait no more, avid followers! Despite the deafening silence, I have in fact been really rather busy! First up is something that is pretty small, but felt pretty big to me. I discovered Chasing Shadows on the Barnes & Nobel website! That felt pretty cool to see. If you are after a copy in the US, this offers another option for you now.

What else has been going on? Well, my writing has been slower than usual but is slowly improving. I am back to editing As The Crow Flies as far as I have written it so far. It would appear a unicorn has vomited upon my manuscript, given the volume of highlights in a range of colours! This was all written immediately following the conclusion of the first draft of Chasing Shadows. Since then, I’ve learned so much. I’ve also grown in my writing I think, and some of what I’d written feels awful on the second read-through. This is serving as a chance to refamiliarise myself with what I’ve already written while also tidying up and improving it.

Recently I have also started work as a freelance proofreader. Jen, the wonderful editor and designer at Fuzzy Flamingo who worked on Chasing Shadows, offered me the chance to work with her and proofread some books for her. I would love to break into the publishing industry from a career perspective, so this is a wonderful opportunity. I am honing my skills and really loving that challenge of trying something new. I have had the pleasure of working on two books so far, and cannot wait to work on many more!

So what’s next then? The main thing is to finish the edits and reread of As The Crow Flies and crack on the writing of it. There will also be plenty more proofreading as and when the chance is there for me to do it. I also have one or two short stories percolating away in my brain. In fact, one particularly dark little specimen will be released upon you all on Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

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