As the Crow Flies – Update 2

Wow, what a crazy time it’s been of late for me. Some good, some bad. But the one steady constant – writing. I’ve still been working like a demon on Chasing Shadows to get that ready for release, but there will be more on that in the future.

With Chasing Shadows still being a work in progress, I am ploughing headlong on with As the Crow Flies – book two in the Edison Crow series. It’s currently over 24,000 words now and the story is really developing. It’s a different feel in comparison to Chasing Shadows. Things have changed for Crow and his crew following past events. I think it will also be a generally shorter book. Chasing Shadows introduces some of the history and back story of key characters to help explain their personas throughout the narrative. With that having been established (I hope), there isn’t a requirement for the flashbacks.

I am enjoying the direction the story is moving so far. It is very much drawing me along with it, and I am only learning what is going to happen just as I write it. I hope to have Chasing Shadows in the hands of test readers and an update ready to share with you all soon!

2 thoughts on “As the Crow Flies – Update 2

    1. It really is! I catch myself reacting to what I am writing as I am just along for the ride. It definitely feels a much less pressured approach to writing!


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