Chasing Shadows – Update 9

I thought I’d mix things up, break from the norm and add an update on Chasing Shadows fairly soon after the last! This will only be a short update, but a major milestone nonetheless! Yes, that’s right another milestone passed, so it’s time for a celebration! Just a small one, mind you – it is a school night after all!

Today I have finally finished part one of Chasing Shadows! This is a huge achievement for me, as I had no certainty I would make it this far! If you have followed my start and stop attempts at writing Our Boy Jack then you will already know how frustrated I became with writing. And if you have been following my progress on this book, you’ll also know how I always had a low bar set for it. When I started writing it back in November 2019 as part of NaNoWriMo, I always thought 30,000 words would be a massive win for me, way more than Our Boy Jack ever got to.

Well that number came and went in late December 2019. By the end of January this year 45,000 was just over the horizon. That’s when I started to think this was going to become a proper book, not a short story or novella. Then 50, 55 and 60,000 words came and went, and ideas spawned for a second part to the book. Now, with part 1 complete, I have hit a word count of 76,359 words. Okay, it’s subjective as I am too lazy to take out the words that make up chapter headings, and it is pre-editing, but you get the idea. Over 76,000 words! I never imagined the whole book would get to that level!

So what’s next? Well, Part 2. But, this is where things are interesting. Part 2 was originally an idea to tie up the story of Captain Edison Crow and his band of merry men and women. But the idea has grown since then. New ideas have floated into my mind and I can see this as becoming less a tying up of the story, and more becoming a second adventure for the Captain and his crew. Given the length of Part 1, it may well be the case that this gains enough length to justify being a second book, or at the least be too much to combine all in to one book.

Either way, my plan is now to get cracking with the second part and just see where that heads. If it looks like it has the legs to become its own book, then I may well be looking at a tidy up of the first part from a basic spelling and grammar sense, and get it into the hands of some test readers to see how good (or bad) things look! Either way, I am so excited to be able to say I have actually finished a story and created something from nothing! Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me, and thanks to those who are following these updates!

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